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automation edit - robservant - 07-03-2017

I've started using sound particle rently but i find it difficult to edit automation.

I try to add point on the timeline of the parameter i want to change but I'm unable to change the value of that point.  Am I missing something?

RE: automation edit - Nuno Fonseca - 07-03-2017

Regarding automation, if you want to edit the values of the parameter, you will continue to use the regular textboxes for that. For instance, imagine that you want to automate volume - you add a automation track (+ button on the track -> select Audio ->Volume), jump to 0s and change the value to -20 db, jump to 3 s and change the value to -10 db.

If you want to move the keyframe (instead of 3s, you want to change that to 5 s), use Shift + drag to move the point to other time position.

Did it help?
PS - I understand that a simple vertical drag to change the parameter would be better, and its on my TODO list. Do you have any additional suggestions for the automation behaviour?

RE: automation edit - 1001001 - 08-25-2017

Thanks Nuno. Makes sense. I do have some very strange behaviour with keyframes and animations, but it is very possible it is me. I have managed through luck and lots of time to get a dome happening (Dolby Atmos - no speakers below me so do not want the sound to go below 0º elevation). However the dome only happens between the first keyframe and the second keyframe and for the next four keyframes the particle cloud extends a full 360º above, around and below. What might be the easiest way to keep a cloud restrained within a certain shape - to define the "walls" or boundaries for instance?

RE: automation edit - 1001001 - 09-04-2017

To clarify (extend on?) my previous post - is there a simple way to restrain motion in one direction - i.e. an upwards dome rather than a full 360º? :-) It is likely I am missing something.

RE: automation edit - 1001001 - 10-02-2017

Hi Nuno, just checking in. I sent you a file with the automation in it a couple of weeks ago - a picture paints a 1000 words sort of thing. Any ideas?