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Special "VR Edition" - Totoculum - 09-09-2016


I've just downloaded Sound Particles on the recommendation from posters on the FB Spatial Audio group (my particular interest being the tracking of point sources (like Lav. mics in VR video) - while I've yet to fully investigate the ins & outs of SP it looks like a great tool for VR/Spatial Audio production.

My initial suggestions would be:

1) The full Sound Particles program seems a bit of a sledgehammer for strictly 360º video production (many of the other tools it offers are not needed). Have you considered producing a "Special VR Edition", stripped down just for 360º video folks?

2) Assuming something like 1) to be the case, other useful aspects would be:
a) The ability to "pass thru" the video and allow a direct mux of the SP created Ambisonic B file (i.e. incorporating the FFMPEG step) to create a finished video file.
b) Provide export checkboxes for automatic insertion of meta data for YouTube and Facebook 360º video (again, helps remove a step for those platforms).
c) HMD preview option: allow users to preview the Ambisonic track working inside a 360º video view to ensure it's working as expected.

Just some thoughts, anyway. A stellar program!

RE: Special "VR Edition" - Nuno Fonseca - 09-11-2016

Yes, your suggestion make perfectly sense... Let us see what can we do regarding their implementation... Added to the TODO list

RE: Special "VR Edition" - Totoculum - 09-11-2016

Thank you. I look forward to the results!

For an example of a very good HMD preview plugin there's Tim Dashwood's 360VR Viewer (for Mac video editing software):

Which works well with Tim's 360VR Express (for use with Final Cut Pro etc.)

Maybe worth getting in touch with him? A VR edition of Sound Particles along with his 360VR Express video plugins would be a fantastic combination for 360 video production!

RE: Special "VR Edition" - Totoculum - 09-19-2016

A couple more suggestions:

3) Allow imported audio to be more easily moved along the timeline, trimmed/enveloped at either end and if necessary time stretched/compressed to sync with the video scratch track.
4) Allow keyframe creation through continuous tracking as well as discrete keyframe points (e.g. play back the video at 1/2 or 1/4 speed and follow the point source with your cursor on the video to create a keyframe track).
5) Allow working with stereoscopic (3D - under/over) 360º video.

The folks over at Audio Ease have some interesting ideas along these lines but I think similar could work really well in Sound Particles.