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Full Version: Feature Requests (from a composer not a Sound Designer)
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Hi all,

Nuno, this is an extraordinary achievement. Completely blown away by this software. We'll done. Here's some feature requests.

1. VST and AU support (on virtual microphones)
2. Bars, beats and tempo (this is really important for making rhythmic musical events and not just sound design)
3. Augmented granular capabilities : i.e. Pitch and rhythm jitter (independently), array of pitches (i.e. -12, -5, 0, 3, 7, 12) would quantize grains to a minor triad. Per grain feedback (delay), per grain delay speed, x, y , z jitter. All automated! There are many many features that could be added to the granular engine.
4. Physics engine (i.e. static objects placed, walls, reflective surfaces, fluids etc)
5. Macros - i.e. bind together multiple parameters (with range) for a single keyframe timeline that automates many parameters at once.

Fantastic work. Absolutely love this.
We love receiving feedback and requests... Thanks!

1. Yes, we want that too...
2. Yes, on our TODO list
3. You can already do that array of pitches (check the Zen Arp template). Can you elaborate on the second part?
4. Later on... Yes.
5. You are referring to a single parameter that control several things at the same time, right?